Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Doll Love

I might never get over how cute this Special FTLO100L Ball Jointed Doll avatar from Esuga/Sugar Garden is. I just keep finding new ways to dress it up. Cute Halloween Group Gift Dress from Rotten Toe, *Epic* Stuck on Fall Garters with Hooves, (100L at the FTLO Event! While I kind of missed the "bent-back" look of your usual hoofed legs, this makes up for it by being cutely encrusted with acorns, leaves, squash, floating butterflies/moths and even an optional particle "footprint" of autumn-colored sparklies!) Gloves from Sn@tch, Black Choker from Violent Seduction, Decorated Horns from the amazing Rotten Defiance Hunt (look for little skulls,) Candy and Ghost Crown, earrings and choker from the great Dimbula Rose/Amato Hunt (look for the buyable pumpkins,) and beautiful Group Gift hair from D!va (Who ALWAYS has really nice group gifts!)

(***Speaking of "Doll Love" (lol) I recently found this amazingly artistic blog, "Ensconced in Velvet," which I really admire for presenting such creative posts and would you just take a look at THIS new doll avatar! I think I will have to go get it ASAP.)

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