Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Forgotten Fauns

Here are some pictures I took last month, but with moving into my new house and all the stress associated with that, I simply forgot to post them. There's still a lot of unpacking and organizing to be done, but the house is beautiful and the secure feeling of being a homeowner is unmatched. My boyfriend, Me and and even our cat are really loving it! ~Now onto the pictures: No, the pictures themselves aren't fancy and my lack of photoshop skills is pretty evident here, but I was of proud of the looks I came up with and had a lot of fun putting them together using many old and new items from my inventory. I think they are kind of perfect for Halloween, at any rate! Enjoy~

Titania's Court Faun Legs & Horns
Boon Hair (top look only)
Acid & Mala My Fav Bracelet Black  (The black pearl bracelets)
Cobrahive Wrapped Bracelets 10 L
LOULOU&CO Garter (resize script added)
[Love Zombie] Scripture Tattoo (very old item)
Horns with silver cuff  and Skin on Second Look - Monsoon (store Closed)
Zenith Fishbone Necklace (Came with an entire outfit, not pictured.)
.::]HTxDZ[::. (Dark Mother of Pearl Lala Demon Claws- Made by Taki Kujisawa and inspired by me! :) )
White and Black Eyes from Negaposi
*Les Petites Details* Eyelashes and Prim Eyeliner
Twiggy Eyelashes by Redgrave
Feather eyelashes from Glow Studio
Katy Perry ET Makeup - Marketplace (No longer found.)
[XYR] FREE Veronica Doll skin  (Seen in first look - heavily covered with tattoos and freckles)
Cross Mouth Pierce
Dresses from Rotten Toe, Bare Rose (wings also,) and Violent Seduction  (Last skin/ears also.)
Corsets from Silent Sparrow and Heartsick

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