Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Robyn Love-Fest!

I recently purchased the newest Robyn cd called "Bodytalk" and I am LOVING it. I became a huge fan of the Swedish dance-diva back around 2006 when I purchased her cd simply titled "Robyn". She sings catchy, hook-filled songs of life, love & loss that, although dance oriented & electronically based, still brim with genuine emotion, as in the above video for "Indestructible". I can remember writing down sentiments just like this in my diary. No matter how hard life is, or how badly love-gone-wrong beats you down, you just get back up, dust off and dive right back in, sharing your whole heart and soul. She also has a very playful side, often displaying sassy bravado and sweetly sexy swagger. She is super-stylish but doesn't resort to being overtly sexual, she's usually fully clothed and doesn't look like a stripper, etc. I really, really enjoy her music and I wanted to share some of my favorite songs with you all. If you like them then I encourage you to purchase her cd's because these sound a million times better on a good stereo. Trust me :) The next video is for the song, "Dancing On My Own" which has been stuck in my head lately. It's very catchy and the lyrics really resonate with me as I have been there, done that a few times!

This next song is from her 2005 album, "Robyn" and it is called "With Every Heartbeat". I was really struck by the emotion of the lyrics and the soothing, yet propulsive sound of the music and the beautiful string arrangement. I also think she sounds a lot like Kate Bush here, which is a total compliment.

Ok - now that I am feeling very sensitive from those last three, let's mix it up a bit and show some of that sassy bravado I mentioned earlier! This one is also from "Robyn" and it's called "Cobrastyle". The video is pretty fun, too. I always love her dancing!

Ok, if you've made it this far you have obviously noticed what she looks like. I think she is absolutely adorable, beautiful, stylish and healthy looking but a lot of people make rude posts on youtube about how her tooth is crooked and her nose and/or face is "weird", which I can identify with because I have had those very same criticisms put to me, among many others. It is very telling of our so-called "culture" that only airbrushed-to-"perfection" images seem to be considered beautiful nowadays. What do people want from women? Only perfection? A "virgin"...a "whore"...someone well-behaved and submissive or the strong dominatrix who puts you in your place? A helpless child or another Mother? Why can't women be more...multi-faceted? Oh but wait, they ARE! She addresses these themes and also how these "Perfect Images" really cannot be lived-up-to in the following song, "Who's That Girl".

This post has got me thinking I should do another post about some of my favorite, "non-traditionally-beautiful" amazing female musicians that I love. Ok, that will be upcoming, but for now please enjoy a couple more songs by Robyn. This one also really sticks in my head, and I find myself singing it around the house. It's off of the latest cd entitled "Bodytalk" and it's called "Hang With Me". Again, I just love these lyrics!

The next song is a collaboration with the Norwegian band Royksopp. The video may seem odd at first but if you listen to the lyrics it all makes sense. To me, it's speaks to people who feel "trapped" by the people, places and things they are currently surrounded with and by, and who yearn for more - Another place, different people, new things. The voyeuristic "webcam" feel of the video is especially relevant in this day and age. The song is called "None of Dem" and it's off the latest album, "Bodytalk".

 Now that I have made public my immense love for Robyn I feel I can rest for the night. I would like to leave you with a lyrically very interesting song called, "Dream On" which is on the album, "Robyn". The sentiment is so beautiful. She embraces everyone in this song, all the so-called losers and "dregs of society" and wishes them peace and safety. Honestly, a lot of her lyrics make me cry and this is no exception.

Lastly, I hope you have enjoyed this little love-fest for Robyn. This is the first blog love-fest, but it certainly won't be the last because music is life to me - all kinds, all genres, from all over the world - and I love to share my love! Thank you for your time...and, Dream On. XOXOXO

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