Sunday, July 2, 2017

Goddess of the Fiery Catwalk ~

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Ensemble ~
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.0 Bento Update
~#~ more more. hansol skin_honey (catwa) SaNaRae
~#~ more more.  grace shape (catya v2.10) slightly modded body
~#~ ((Lovely Alien)) FairyMakeup_Brows_Left & Right_Yellow SaNaRae
~#~ {S0NG}  :: Leafy~ Vamp Eye SaNaRae 
~#~ - shanghai - Tamara White Headpiece SaNaRae
~#~ LCKY Mello Crystal Heart
~#~ .::Nanika::. Tricia tattoo Henna RARE SaNaRae  
~#~ CURELESS [+] Bakeneko / Obake Familiar /, & CURELESS [+] Bakeneko / Shapeshifter Robe / RARE, & RED,  CURELESS [+] Bakeneko / Shapeshifter Sleeves / RARE,  CURELESS [+] Bakeneko / Nekotabi Stockings / GOLD,   CURELESS [+] Bakeneko / Shapeshifter Tails / RARE CURELESS [+] Bakeneko / Kitty Geta L&R / MAHOGANY Hudded, Gacha Lootbox

Location ~ 
Whole Wheat

Extra items set down at Location~ 

(with Group Join you are free to build at Whole Wheat as long as you Clean up afterward!)
.peaches, Summer Lanterns (Long) The Fantasy Collective
{anc} cracked glass

Pose ~ 
::Poseidon::  2B Sword Girl 3

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