Thursday, April 13, 2017

Free Candy ~

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Ensemble ~

Middle - On Me (LaDonna Oceanlane):
CATWA HEAD Catya [With Teeth] v2.10
 Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.0 Bento Update
~#~ more more. jade shape (catya v2.10), & skin_honey, & jade eyebrow SaNaRae
~#~ Pink Hustler *PH* 8172 Hair SaNaRae
~#~ Yokai 2.Yokai - Eternal  butterflies - Hoop (monarch) Eternal Butterflies Gacha
~#~ Yokai 5.Yokai - Moondance - Hoop with roses (lilac) Moondance Gacha for The Gacha Guardians
~#~ The White Crow  -[TWC]- Babygirl 
~#~ .::Cubic Cherry::. 01[Cubic Cherry] {Vain} Harness (Maitreya) pastel pack RARE Lootbox
~#~ Yokai 7.Yokai - Moondance - Sheep with  star (rosy)
:*BABY*: Cutie Wings - White
~#~ .::Cubic Cherry::. [Cubic Cherry] {Rufly} skirt maitreya (exp) Plain PINK The Project Se7en 
Quirky - Runa Garter - Maitreya.
~#~ *{( konpeitou )}* carved camellia-clogs Free Gift!  The Project Se7en 

Right - On Usami :
CATWA HEAD Catya [With Teeth] v2.10
 Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.0 Bento Update
[NANI] Momo.Peaches (add-on)_(rig)
77(beige)=Zenith= Pugs Backpack (Rose)
miwa's airship -Last Dance Hoodie #10
~#~ .::Cubic Cherry::. [Cubic Cherry] {Rufly} skirt maitreya curvy (exp) Plain SEA Free Gift!  The Project Se7en 
^BADa^shoes gift3 Free Gift!

Poses ~
(Left to Right)
Poseidon - DeeVa 2, & Widow2 
{NanTra} -  Put a Ring On It 1 

Location ~ 
Whole Wheat

Extra items set down at Location~ 
(with Group Join you are free to build at Whole Wheat as long as you Clean up afterward!)

7 - Stop Sign
~#~ .::Cubic Cherry::.  {Candy Lure} strawberry
~UrBaN SpIrIt~ Pile Of Trash 1 FREE MP

("~#~" Symbol denotes Current or Past Sponsored items, either Store/Designer Sponsor or Sponsored EventsAll other items have been Purchased by me unless otherwise noted, (ex:Group Gifts, Freebies, etc.) Please visit the "Sponsors" & the "Events" Page for a complete list of my Current Sponsors & their SLurls, & information on any Events I'm officially Blogging, respectively. Thank you for your Support!)

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