Monday, June 15, 2015

Stray Stars ~

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Ensemble ~

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~#~ Sweet Thing. Cutie Kitten Ears & Cutie Kitten Ears Expressions HUD Gacha The Arcade Gacha
~#~ Sweet Thing. Emiko Hair (The "Natural Variety Pack is 20% off at this Event)  On9
VCO - Bambi head [ Tongue ] & skin
~#~ Sweet Thing.Sweet White Kitten Collar Gacha The Arcade Gacha
~#~ ALTAIR* neko top .candy. & ALTAIR* neko pantsu .pink. The Kawaii Project 
Clemmm - Body Filth Mid
~#~ Sweet Thing. Fluffy Sweet Kitten Tail & White Pawprint Socks Gacha The Arcade Gacha

Set ~ 

Exposeur - Girl At The Window Pose Prop 
7 - Pharmacy Sign , Good Food,  Do Not Clean Sign
Fashionably Dead (fd) Assorted Cats (Resize, Texture & Eye color change!) Gacha
+Half-Deer+ (don't cry over) Spilled Paint - Rainbow (Past Fifty Linden Friday)
+eChau+ E008 *chair* (burn wood)

Thoughts ~ 

I had a lot of fun setting up this post. I love cats, can you tell? Go to The Arcade Gacha if you haven't already because you need everything from the Sweet Thing Gacha. Also, The Kawaii Project opens again today & the Theme is "Meowzers." I couldn't be happier because, y'know...CATS! 

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