Saturday, August 9, 2014

Palmistry ~

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Set ~

(I also included their mainstore links for convenience) 

BananaN - Ruined viking tower (Gacha) RARE (A great hollowed-out, topless ruin for you to fill any way you wish. Attached tree shown on left side. Also features a half-second story, very broken, from which you can lay & contemplate the stars. Use this on your battlefields, as a bandits hideaway, a beats liar, slave or prisoners quarters, or attached to other ruins as part of a bigger land plan - Only limited by your imagination!) 

[LJ] (Lost Junction) Port Town Sign (Gacha)  - Palmistry* (See below for Gacha Key of ALL the Amazing Signs! You are NOT going to want to miss out on these adorable, detailed, super fun signs that are sure to add just the right amount of authenticity to your RP or just a touch of whimsy to ANY home!)

GD: (Geisha Dreams) Festival Fun - Ceramic Furin - Tonbo (Gacha) UNCOMMON - Pretty Wind chime to chase away the bad spirits & woo the good ones! 

Other shown items: 

{RW} __//::: Roawenwood :: Design and Craft :::\\__Fortune Tellers Table
:: AB :: French Country Rug (Unavailable)
MIASNOW Home - INDIAN PILLOW All Pile (Unavailable)
floorplan. black magic candelabra
Zigana Curtain. blankets hanging & Ladder
+MPJ+ Old Wood Hanging lantern (Unavailable)

.:S.M:. (Stone Misery) Scenery - Red Tree A (c)
Granite Mossy Rock Form-F1-20m MP Pack - I LOVE These! 
(3prim-glow2) HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass01 (cy)
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass02 - green
(lightON/glow) HPMD* floorArt01 (pPinkA)

All shown inside of Turnip's Starry Night Skydome!

* Here's the Gacha Key for The Lost Junction Signs. Super Cool, Right? Now Go Get Some!

Thoughts & Music ~ 

Well, I seem to be on a roll with the blogging again & I'm happy. I already have am idea for my next post so I'm pretty excited about that. Of course I will be featuring more Fantasy Gacha Carnival Items & more from my other lovely Sponsors, as always. If you haven't been able to get into the FGC yet, be patient, it will happen! In the meantime, Be sure to stop by the Fit for A Princess Event if you haven't already, & also make the rounds to the other great monthly, bi-weekly & weekly events that are happening, such as The Big Show, The Candy Shop & The Gimmie Gimmie Gacha Event! 

Speaking of events, I could kick myself for missing Fifty Linden Friday yesterday. I was watching an amazing SHINee Kpop concert with my besties, Jinki & Lili & afterward went straight to blogging again & plum forgot. That's always been one of my favorite events so next week I am going to have to tie a ribbon around my finger or something! 

Now please enjoy Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with Choti Si, (Sometimes Spelled Choti See,) as I was listening to a lot of "World Music" I was making this post & this is a beautiful song~

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