Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kawaii-rina ~

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(BTW, after I took these pictures I realized I could have pushed the bow back farther on my head to meet the rise on my hair pouf - it did look better later after I did that, but I saw this too late after I took them. Sometimes I get too excited & just take Pics, then go back later & I am like DAMN, why didn't I notice that? (dummy dummy dummy! SO OBVIOUS! I spent SO much time editing the lashes just right I must have tired & gotten sloppy. Oh well. Later I did some good PS work on the butt of the pic of the one that has the weird offset bow, & the inner thigh on the right hand one, so it should even out, right? TY for forgiving me.)

Ensemble ~

.tsg. Tsu Mesh Head D Tone HUD NEW
.tsg. Tsu :: D tone :: Bust :: Toned Body
.tsg. Mori Eyes - Honey (big shine)
TRUTH HAIR Grande 2 & Bangs [add attach] NEW
.tsg. Gigi Hairbow - Eyeball Rainbow Group Gift (Small Fee to Join Group)
1 Hundred. Summer Breeze Tank & Panties Pink (The Big Show - not exclusive, but don't wait, so cute!)
{W&R} Pretty In Pink 1/2 of August Group Gifts! 
{W&R} Joli Platform Shoes - Green 

Thoughts & Music ~  

I got the new mesh head from the Sugar Garden & it's SOOOO nice. I did like my Slink head a lot but this one has a lot more makeup & expression features, plus, I have to say, I think it's a lot cuter, in my opinion. I will still use both, for different purposes, for sure. Bottom Line - It's very, very cute & worth the money. I also picked up like a TON of the Physique appliers Eilfie made for her Sugar Garden Skins. (Get ready for me to drag out some of my old TSG skins lol)

I am actually still looking for a decent "middle aged" looking skin . Everything seems to be a child, a teen, a super young adult, or then just - BOOM a super wrinkly OLD person. I found some kind of decent moderate wrinkle layers at the cosmetics fair, not this past one, but the one before, but I am such a layer whore I used all my layers up before I got the look I was going for. I just want to look like a mid 40's woman sometimes. I don't want tons of jowls, exaggerated lines & wrinkles or anything like that, just some regular slightly aged, careworn looks, not a caricature of a person. If anyone knows where I can find some skins like that let me know. Some "mid-life" skins. I have had so much airbrushed perfection, I want to stretch my know me I always like to try new stuff LOL. 

Cant stop listening to the XX, all of it. here's the intro: 

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