Wednesday, February 19, 2014

About Me ~

DISCLAIMER: Due to mounting health issues I have seriously cut back on sponsors & blogging, as it has been talking a lot longer for me to produce each post. Thanks for understanding.  

I have been blogging very casually since 2011. This was just a hobby for me & creative outlet, helping out friends' stores, events or sims I was involved with, blogging what I bought & loved, even having one sponsor for a very short time. In January 2014 I decided to take it more seriously, taking on more sponsors, getting on feeds, etc. 

My style *can* range anywhere between the dark, fantasy, kawaii. goth, urban, ethnic, lolita, or casual elegance range, depending on my mood or the Season. I'm pretty eclectic & draw from many influences due to my upbringing & varied interests. Lately I have been edging more toward fantasy. This blog has always been an artistic outlet for me & I know the way I can best be myself & also showcase what I love about Second Life & it's amazing creators is to try to always follow my muse.  

I own the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body, the Slink Physique Body, the Slink Visage Head in "Becky", ALL the Slink hands & feet, the Utilizator M3 Mesh Anime Head, the Utilizator 2.0 Mesh Body & the Utilizator Kemono Avatar, (although I don't tend to use these as much anymore,) & The Sugar Garden Tsu, Mizu & Mimi & Mikki Mesh heads, The Alex LOGO mesh Head, along with some of the other mesh heads available from Genesis Labs, Catwa, *(OO)* Yuki, VCO, Cila&Nomi, etc.
I also Happily blog MALE items. I own ALL the male Slink hands & the male flat Slink feet. I actually really enjoy blogging male fashion & accessories. My personal style for men leans toward more groomed, styled, Urban, Euro, Kpop, "metro" or even "androgynous". 
I enjoy blogging furniture & household items, as I love to arrange set-ups, decorate, & have the land space & prims available to do so.
I always take Hi-res photos on Ultra in SL using windlights, etc. I experiment to be artistic yet strive to feature the items as well as possible. I don't tend to use a LOT of Photoshop, partly because I don't know how, (aside from some basics,) & also because I really enjoy setting up items inworld a lot, rather than adding in post. 

IM or Send a notecard to me inworld. (Send to LaDonna Oceanlane ONLY. ) 

Thank you. 

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