Friday, February 28, 2014

Heart of My Own ~

[ma ko pa] Femboy Shape Elian (I made it a tiny bit taller & widened the shoulders a smidge but it's a wonderful shape & the face is to just to DIE for!)
![Lee] (yoyo9) RAIN Lv.2 - Skin (sooo pretty!)
A:S:S - Imperfections - marks 2
Dead Apples Shattered - Emphatastic
*FTL* Alpha Mask - Eyelashes
L.Fauna Dimples Freckles [Pale]
[ni.Ju] Snake Bites - Simple V2 (mouth)
~S.N.G~ Large black clawed plug
[taketomi]_Masato_DBrown02 Hair
.:Buttery Toast:.  Little Imp - Black/Reddrips (Gacha)
Sleepy Eddy Turtleneck Fisherman Sweater (Black) S.male
FATEwear Glove - George - VolcanicAsh - (S) RelaxedA
.Birdy. Love Hamster {Valentines} VIP gift
ASO!Vintage Alphabet Ring (D) (Gacha)
/ XIAJ / Basic Backpack (Navy) (Gacha)
VCO - bunny phone (WM2) (Gacha)
VCO - Key holer - 1 (resize) (Gacha)
{EPIC} (Epicosity) Slip-ons - Checked Red (Gacha)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Rosie the Space Kitty ~

"tSg" (The Sugar Garden) Mei Mei Shape (I thinned the body a bit)
[][]Trap[][] Fade Iced F Skin
L.Fauna Dimples Freckles [Dark]
{Sugar Heart}  Cat Whiskers ~ Tintable
{Sugar Heart}  Heart Nose ~ Tintable
.[.Masque.]. - Bunnyeh Face
Candy Mountain . tintable mid length eyebrows .
Candy Mountain . orbs of nightmares . Eyes
Candy Mountain . Dolly Falsies . Lashes
Al Vulo! MEsh Lashes
(medley)Shadow Piercings v2-Cheek Piercings
Cute Poison - Stellar Piercing (Hud Changeable)
ILLMATIC :: The Perfect Teeth - Prim (Hud Changeable)
*Milk* Hair~Cosmos Clinic (Hud Changeable)
+Half-Deer+ Lamb Horns (Bubblegum) (Gacha) 
.tsg. Neko Cosplay  - Pink (Gacha)
.tsg. Good Kitty Collar - Pink (Gacha)
Kitty paws tattoo by *Designs
.:Buttery Toast:. Heart Shades Pink/plain (Gacha)
.:Buttery Toast:. Ickle Crown - Pink/Black/Wings RARE (Gacha)
:::Sn@tch Girl Band Halter (Zebra-S):::
*katat0nik* (skelebunny) Radio Necklace (Gacha)
Gachapon! Kawaii Wings Bright Pink RARE (Gacha)
.:Buttery Toast:. Them Bones - Black/Whitebones
*C:K* (Curious Kitties) Chest Enhancer
The Secret Store - Aerolite Jacket - Roses (Currently at Collabor88)
The Secret Store - Balloon Shorts - Roses (Currently at Collabor88)
SNAP - Arm Warmers - Grey
Bracelet - spiked
*Epic* Neo-Trekker's Foot Gear (HUD Changeable)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Interplanet Janet ~

"tSg" (The Sugar Garden) Mei Mei Shape (I thinned the body out a bit.)
.Birdy. Zombie girl Skin (Group gift)
Slink FEMALE (Av.Enhance) Hands
Orc. Inc SLink Nails Blend Set 1
*C:K* (Curious Kitties) Chest Enhancer
*AP* (Alice Project) Aphrodite [S] Glitter/Rainbow Streaks - Indigo
Candy Mountain Eyes . orbs of nightmares . (Group Gift)
Candy Mountain . Ellie Gag - Cutie .
Candy Mountain . DUCKY KiSSES - baby pink .
Slink FEMALE (Av.Enhance) Hands
L.Fauna Dimples  [Tan]
NS:: Music glasses
[VN] Celestial Horns (Currently at Collabor88)
.Olive the ALIENS Head Band - Pink Alien Blue Bow (Past Fifty Linden Friday)
.Olive. the Mine! Zodiac Necklace - Libra [Gold]
.:Buttery Toast:. Ickle Crown - Pink/Purple (Gacha)
.Pekka. Ribbon heart collar - Lavender (Gacha) 
!dM (DeviousMind) Lolita - preciousWraps **AURORA BOREALIS** (Gacha)
Bindi +++BLUE BLOOD+++
*HolliPocket* Holy Chibis Wings-Lavendar (Gacha)
I&K (Inks & Kinks) Delicious Stars Teal Tattoo
.:Buttery Toast:. Galaxy girl  Purple
ILLMATIC :: "Oil Spill Garter Leggings" - Gasoline. 4
Schadenfreude Astro Antigrav Boots,
Schadenfreude Orbit Bra,
Schadenfreude Orbit Jacket (Currently at Collabor88)
[tea.s] Starfleet Ring 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Around My Heart ~

"tSg" (The Sugar Garden) Mei Mei Shape (I thinned the body out a bit.)
al vulo- Ewa*  Vampire no brow pearl (Past,The Dressing Room Fusion) 
Candy Mountain Eyes - . dew - red .
Nox. Prosper Brows [Black] (Currently at Collabor88)
Al Vulo doll lashes
L.Fauna Dimples  [Tan]
ILLMATIC :: The Perfect Teeth 
Pink Acid My Goth Lip Gloss - Cherry
.:Buttery Toast:. Love Blooms (Glasses) (tysm Faylinn Erin!)
Hat & Hair Combo - AD (Analog Dog) - just sayin - obsidian (vampire kiss) (Gacha)
:BB:: (Beetlebones) Koi Bag for DU(TANCHO SENKI)
PuncutE - Heart Necklace 12 Color Changeable 
Tattoo LadyCat_GoK (Garden of Ku) soft medium
.:Buttery Toast:. Inner Beauty - Red/White (tysm Faylinn Erin!)
PFC (Pucca Firecaster's Creations) ~Role Belt - Healer (white) (Gacha) (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
:::Sn@tch Feline Leopard Shorts (Red-Small):::
+MPJ+ STAR POWER RING- Multi Color & Silver&Gold (Marketplace) (tysm Zarra Giha!)
Fuubutsu Dou! - MESH-SilverDragon/Red -Bracers (Gacha) (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Slink FEMALE (Av.Enhance) Hands and Feet 
tea.s SLink nail appliers "Galactic Battle"
:::Sn@tch Pop Knee Socks (Red)::: 
Leti's Tattoo (bottom) MM603 1
.tsg. (The Sugar Garden) Cupid Creepers L - Skelly Feet (For SLink feet) SO CUTE.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Be Mine ~

.tsg. (The Sugar Garden) Bunny :: D tone :: Bust :: NoBrow :: T - Toned Body
.tsg. Galaxy Eyes - Hazel
Nox. Nose Contour [Purple] (Currently at Collabor88) 
Cheap Makeup- Eyebrows ridiculously pink
[Actuate Eden] Heartbreaker Face Tattoo
La Malvada Mujer- FAKE blue + pink [eyelashes]
L.Fauna Dimples  [Tan]
"TSG" Big Couture Floppy Bow in White Satin
Magika [Hair L] Never 
.tsg. Good Kitty Collar - Pink (Gacha)
-UtopiaH- World of Candy (Mesh Arm Tattoo)
Deviance-Bunny (Bodysuit)
:[P]:- (The Plastik) Eros Dress ://Stark
+MPJ+ Love Letters Ring-G- Dragon- A Boy-LEFT
BACI ring - Donna Flora
.:A&M:. (Acid & Mala) My Fav Bracelet  - White Pearls
{Sugar Heart} Sweet Factory Tights ~ Cotton Candy {Pink} (Gacha)
NEO**  Knee tattoo - Heart breaker - pink
.tsg. Frilly Lace Socks - Sheer White
.tsg. Lolita Platform

Friday, February 7, 2014

Universal Angel ~

A collage I made from magazines

SHINee World ~

SHINee is a very talented South Korean R&B/Pop Vocal & Dance Group that I love. Their fans are called "Shawols." I put together this look in honor of them.

Skin - .tsg. (The Sugar Garden) Ulzzang :: X tone :: Bust :: Black :: T - Soft Body (Group Gift)
Eyes - Candy Mountain - . dew - sick .
.Birdy. Aria Extras - Blush 1
.tsg. Beauty Marks 2
L.Fauna Dimples  [Tan]
Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ Mia Mesh Hair - Crystal pink (Past Fifty Linden Fridays Color)
:::Sn@tch You Are Loved Earring (Pink/RT):::
Aloft Headphones
Baiastice_Triple Skulls Leather Cuff-black- Right (Gacha) 
VCO - bunny phone (black) (Gacha)
Slink FEMALE (Av.Enhance)
.tsg. Slink Finger Nails - Jewel Decora
VCO - Halloween band_Devil (BLACK) (Gacha)
[-B-] :Basic Piercings: - Labret (Shadow)
[SnF] (Shiawase na Fukuya) SHINee Layered T-Shirt (Marketplace)
.Tattoo - Identity. - Sweet Mess [Faded]
* Keiko Takamura, FANnie pack - Black
MIEL FIT PANTS (Customizable Words & Symbols)
F-WINGS SHOE (Customizable)