Saturday, December 28, 2013

Stand By Me ~

Skin comes as part of Nicolas Complete Avatar by Alpha Male, 50L Marketplace 
Shape Custom made by LaDonna Oceanlane
<<< np >>> (Negaposi) Vampire Eyes - Grave (fatpack is discounted to 50L!)
Hair ::Exile:: Jackson: Drift (Customizable Streaks!)
Clothes - Momentous by Alpha Male, Marketplace 
Bubblez Design - Treble Ring (resizeable) (Group Gift - Free to Join)
TuTys - Mesh Pet Carrier - Chiwawa 0L Marketplace Gift! 

Start ~

Skin, Shape, (I modded the shape quite a bit,) Outfit & Shoes: Alpha Male Nicolas Complete Avatar 50L Marketplace 
*Dura* The 3rd Year Anniversary Hair (Wood Bark) (Group Gift - Free to Join)
ROZENA ~Afternoon eye~ tea 0L

Friday, December 20, 2013

S.J. ~

Hair - DURA (Past Group Gift, Free to Join)
Vest - Guarded Cross Wearable Demo (0L Marketplace)
Necklace - Bubblez Design (Group Gift - Free to Join)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Meet Me By The Magic Tree ~

BND (Bird Next Door) Shape Kaori 1 (Heavily Modded by LaDonna Oceanlane)
Skin -Belleza- Leila Arcade RARE 3 (Past Arcade Gacha)
PC (Poetic Colors)  - Christmas Tale Eyes - large dark (Free Gift Now)
Exile::First Snow Hair & Dress combo (Gacha)
suzy / antique ribbon necklace (Creator: Arianrhod Garnet - Couldn't locate store.)
Candy Nail #P078 Midnight Dream Gold (I realize you can't see them, but they are really cool!)
S@BBIA Wool Coat (Red) (Group Gift - Free to Join)
:::Sn@tch Screamer Leather Pants (Black-P):::(Part of "The Rambler" Fishing Outfit)
-CLEMATIS- Legwarmer (Sorry, no longer in business.)
 :::Sn@tch Ramble Boot/Black ::: (Part of "The Rambler" Fishing Outfit)
S@BBIA Color Change Ribbon Shoulder Bag (Group Gift - Free to Join)
Pose - Glitterati
Location - Candy Nail Special Area

Friday, November 29, 2013

Precocious in Purple ~

Custom Shape by Me, LaDonna Oceanlane
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Special 1L Skin3
.::Mother Goose's::.HENA(2) eyebrow
.tsg. (The Sugar Garden) Star Gazer Rainbow Eyes (Group Gift)
[ESUGA] (The Sugar Garden) Makeup Set 3: Rhine Stone Hearts purple (Group Gift)
[AdN] TIGRESSE Spiked Lip Chain
[ni.Ju] (right) Monroe Piercing (I do believe this was free or group gift, also)
*AP* (Alice Project) Steph [S] Glitter/Rainbow Streaks - Orange Hair (Gacha)
!RT!(Rotten Toe):.:Creepy.Doll.Heads.Tiara:.(Group Gift)
+:::+Natural+:::+avec toi_Purple White(OMAKE)
BB (Bubblez Design)- 121212 Necklace (Group Gift)
!RT! (Rotten Toe) VIOLET Infected Satin Blouse (Group Gift)
:::Sn@tch Marie Corset (Purple-J):::
...RT...(Rotten Toe) Urban Bracelet (Group Gift)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Song of the Moment ~ SHINee: Everybody

SHINee's BACK! (Again!) lol

Crashed Upon Your Shore ~

:::Sn@tch Jessica Shape (Slender)::: (Very Modded by Me, but a great shape to begin with!)
The Sugar Garden "tSg" Sparx Lavender Eyes
Pink Fuel [PF] Lacey Black Heart Eyepatch
[ni.Ju] (right) Monroe Piercing
ILLMATIC :: The Perfect Teeth - Vamp'd(Prim)
HI-Hall Igaly Design dead cat on right shoulder
""D!va"" Hair "Tomoko" (Onyx)
Bare Rose ::: B@R ::: Pirates Ball A Hat
Bare Rose ::: B@R ::: Pirates Ball B Shirt
:::Sn@tch Mesh Boucher Corset (Paris-XXS):::
*chronokit*  Belt 01 Black S
Bare Rose ::: B@R ::: Dama del Ruedo Sword (R Hip)
.::[HTxDZ]::. Demon Claws - Dark Mother of Pearl Lala
:::Sn@tch Libertine Bloomers:::
:::Sn@tch Striped Socks (White):::
G Field *GF*[Mesh] Lace-up Boots "Gina" -black-[XS]

Pretty Poison ~

:::Sn@tch Jessica Shape (Slender)::: (Very Modded by Me, but a great shape to start with!)
.B I R D Y.  DELILAH skin  ~Pure~ Lust
The Sugar Garden "tSg" Sparx Deep Blue Eyes
Elikatira [e] Locked - Brown 08
Eyelashes -12- Catwalk *REDGRAVE*
Head/Brow Horns - Memnoch Matzerath
ILLMATIC :: The Perfect Teeth - Vamp'd(Prim)
Zombie Suicide :Z.S: Sugar Piercings Yellow
Elysium - neckpiece female - raven (at the Wizarding Faire)
LaDonna's Classical Chest Tat (Home made)
LaGyo_Morgana's necklace (unicorn's blood and butterflies)
:::Sn@tch PVC Suit Top (Black-S):::
:::Sn@tch PVC Suit Pants (Black-P):::
Schadenfreude Garter Bat Tights, pants
Royal Blue (RB.Outlet) Jills Fighting Talk Gloves in Charcol
.::[HTxDZ]::. Demon Claws - Dark Mother of Pearl Lala
*chronokit*  Belt 01 Black S
:::Sn@tch Mesh Boucher Corset (Paris-XXS):::
Violent Seduction - Esther Boot

Summoning ~

:::Sn@tch Jessica Shape (Slender)::: (Very Modded by Me, but a GREAT shape to start from!)
Essences - Rose TDR02 *doux* brown Skin (past The Dresing Room Fusion)
. dew - sick . Eyes - Candy Mountain
[ni.Ju] (right) Monroe Piercing (mouth)
Vanity Hair: Say my Name(S)-Glampack
::LEONARD:: Tulle Hat " Halloween" -purple- (Gacha Currently at The Fall Spooktacular Event)
*pm* Fiend Hairclips - Neon Green (L) (Gacha currently at The Fall Spooktacular Event)
twin dragon bracelet small - June Bamaisin
Spyralle Candy Skull Coat - XS (Currently at FLUX Dia de los Muertos event) I absolutely LOVE this coat - the back has a huge, beautiful Candy Skull. it's very colorful & beautiful.
:::Sn@tch Ribbed Tube Top (Green-J):::
Candy nail #P048 RUNWAY Blue L10
Pure Poison - Black Arachnide Necklace (I got it on Fifty Linden Friday, but it's well worth full price.)
Location - Halloween Mini Market (SO beautifully decorated!)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Something Like This ~

KOOQLA skin ~ Queens Red (at Designers United until Oct 4th)
Pink Acid My Goth Lip Gloss ~ Cherry
Cute Poison Stellar Piercing (Customizable)
Candy Mountain Dew Eyes ~ . dew - copper .
ISON Leighton Hair (looks different because of windlight)
GATO ~ Ange Exterminateur Dress (at Designers United until Oct. 4th)
JD ~ Carbon_Black_Necklace_Woman (Past The Dressing Room Fusion)
[HANDverk]Oz Relic.silver slipper. Past Arcade Gacha Item I purchased outright at a yardsale. I am in love with these!)
Candy Nail #P086 Gloria White Nails
Seven Emporium ~ 7 - Chair Pile! - DU
Mannequins ~ GachaYa prize 1pri_san Ruby (Color/Texture Changeable, too!)  SO FUN!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Song of the Moment ~ f(x): Rum Pum Pum Pum

This sounds SO good in my headphones - Shimmering harmonies & Pure Pop Bliss. Such a catchy, well-made song. I really like the video for dance, fashion, hair & makeup as well. I love Amber's one glitter eyebrow the best. SO cool. f(x) Fighting! 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wish You Were Here ~

The Skinnery ~ Alice 3 Champagne BB CL1 Skin (Skinnery Gacha at the Arcade)
Rozena ~ Vivid Eyeshadow, Yellow / Girly Blusher, Orange / Simple Nail Polish (Pastel) Orange Juice (Rozena Mainstore)
*(OO)* YUKI ~ Teeth - free gift (The Seasons Story Event)
L. Fauna ~ Dimples in Pale
Candy Mountain ~ Dew Eyes, Spring (Candy Mountain Mainstore)
Redgrave ~ Eyelashes 39 (Redgrave Mainstore)
!Ohmai ~ Mochi Mouse, Head version (!Ohmai at Designers United 5. Until Oct. 4th)
Zombie Suicide ~ Sugar Piercing, Yellow (modded) (Gacha at Zombie Suicide Mainstore)
DirtyMind ~ Doorknocker Earring, Gold (DirtyMind Mainstore)
+MPJ+ ~ Star Power Ring, Silver & Gold (Marketplace)
Exile ~ Falling for You, Natural Fusion 2 Hair, (Currently at Collabor88)
::{u.f.o.}:: ~ pori polaroid camera w/bag (Gacha at The Season's Story Event)
[Aux] ~ Studded Bracelet Rust (Auxiliary Mainstore) 
+ILO+ ~ SS Bracelet Watch Gold (Gacha at +ILO+ Mainstore)
Noodles ~ Nata & Meg Collection: Anchor Gold (Noodles Mainstore)
:::LP::: (Le Primitif) ~ Leather Swan Tote Gold
Reek ~ Bandaids
Berries, Inc., ~ tooBat Ruffle Dress, (Past Fifty Linden Friday) (Berries, Inc. Mainstore)
Location ~ L2 Studio @ Whispering Wind (a lovely place, beautifully landscaped & decorated!)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sweet Potato ~

Shape ~ Mother Goose's Ai-II (VERY modded by me, but it's a great shape to start with)
Skin ~ Glam Affair: Katya: Europa 02 G (Currently at Collabor88)
Eyes ~ Candy Mountain: Dew: Sick
Hair ~ Liquence: F2: Natural Fades
Pearl Winged Headband~Rotten Defiance: Sunset (color looks different because of windlight/effects)
Sleeping Cat on Head ~ +NK+: Neneko: 04 (mike): (Gacha)
Face Tattoo ~ NEO: Heart to the Party: Girl4 2: (Gacha)
Lip Tattoo ~ Bonne Chance: Mimi Cherry: Teeth: (Lucky Board)
Necklace ~ Little Things: 70's Vintage Owl Jewelry: Lemon
Crochet Top ~ !gO!: Orange: (Group Gift) This store has some of the BEST group gifts around! JOIN
Body Stamp ~ ASO: 02 1: (Gacha)
Bracelet (Left): Izzie's Hole Bangle: Color Change!
Nails ~ Rotten Defiance: Sunset Summer
Watch (Right) ~ +ILO+: SS Bracelet Watch: Red (Gacha)
Phone ~ VCO: Bunny Phone: WM2: (Gacha)
Shorts ~ Cold Logic: Ramsey: Melon
Knee Tattoo: NEO: Robot Feels: Love: (Gacha)
Boots ~ Fashionably Dead: Bossy Boots: Floral Pink & Orange: (Gacha) 
Pose ~ No Wow: Wild Thing 2

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Eyes See Through Your Lies ~

Skin ~ Vershe [dolce]: Hanna:Violet Rays: Russet (Currently at Stuff in Stock!) Super Beautiful.
UtopiaH beauty Marks
The Sugar Garden Eyes ~  Dark Skies: Light Brown (Group Gift
Redgrave mesh lashes 39
Hair ~ ISON: Leighton, From Hair Fair (looks different because of windlight.)
Necklace ~ Violent Seduction : Nihon Necklace: Baka Teal (Gacha)
Dress ~ Sabotage (Azoury) Rasta Dress (Also looks different because of windlight) Former Limited Bazaar Item.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Summer Afternoon ~

Shape ~ Mother Goose's: Ai-II (Slightly Modded)
Skin ~ Glam Affair: Lulu: Artic 03 A (Love Donna Flora Event!)
Eyeshadow ~ Mother Goose's: Glossy 1 (Past Gift)
Freckles ~ La Malvada Mujer: Lenticchie (It's a FREE Gift among Many! Go there & find it, plus buy some Amazing makeups & tattoos! DO IT!!!)
Eyes ~ The Sugar Garden: Dark Skies: Light Brown (Group Gift)
Lipgloss ~ The Sugar Garden: Lip Laquer: Pink T (Group Gift)
Hair ~ Tram: C601: Black (My new FAVORITE Hair Store)
Nosering ~ RYCA: Diamond: Gold
Dress ~ TokiDoki: Mira: Orange (I LOVE TokiDoki, I'm in their group & fully support them & their designs. I got this dress at a past "The Dressing Room Fusion" for a discount! Keep an eye out for that ~ You can buy more colors, etc!)
Watch ~ +ILO+: SS Bracelet Watch: Yellow (past SGB event gacha) Have not taken this off since I got it! LOVE LOVE.
Nails ~ Nylon Outfitters: Sun Bokeh. Basically my Go-to Nails!
Ring ~ Shakeup!: Fabric Flower ring: Boho Coral
Bracelet ~ Tea.s: Geo Bracelet: Triangle: Gold (Lazy Sunday Item)
Knee Tattoos ~ {Sugar Heart}: Fruit Kneenja: Lemon *juicy* Rare (Gacha from Food Fest)
Shoes ~ Cotton Mary Janes: (SLink Feet Add-Ons): Fox, (Former Fifty Linden Friday)
(SLink Mesh feet worn)
Y&R Umbrella (Old Giveaway)
Location ~ Part of the Love Donna Flora Event! Please go & have a look around. I bought SO much nice stuff that I am going to have to blog! It's for a good cause

Friday, July 26, 2013

Cosplay ~ Paula: Earthbound (Mother 2)

Shape ~ Mother Goose's: Ai-II (Slightly Modded)
Skin ~ Essences: CHO: Light Rose (Currently at Collabor88 until the 8th of August)
Eyes ~ Negaposi: Fairy eyes: Azur
Eyelashes ~ Redgrave: 39
Hair ~ Donna Flora: Ninetta: Blonde (old, something I had on hand at the time - but here's the mainstore to check out!)
Blush Contour ~ Essences: Light Pink (Came in an older skin pack)
Lip Laquer ~ The Sugar Garden: Pink: Teeth (Group Gift)
Socks ~ Kyoot: Lacey White Knee Socks: Lace 2 (I had these in my inventory & there's one here on MP but there's NO pic so I'm NOT sure if it's the same sock.) Inworld store is closed now.
Dress, Shoes, Bag, Bow ~ Lamp*Light: Paula

Monday, June 10, 2013

Candy Lips ~

Skin ~ Glam Affair: Margot India 01 Black
Shape ~ Custom made by Me, LaDonna Oceanlane
UtopiaH Beauty Marks
Eyes ~ The Sugar Garden: Sparx Hazel
Lashes ~ Redgrave 39 Luscious 
Hair ~ D!va: Lili Type A Brown Diamond (Currently at Collabor88)
Lips ~ (Under) The Sugar Garden: Lip Tinte Hydra T Dark Tone F, (Over) Pink Acid Clear Lip Gloss
Necklace ~ [glow] Studio Just Right Necklace (gold)
RYCA Diamond Nose Ring Gold
Rings ~ +MPJ+ Star Power Rings (Color Change)
Nails ~ Nylon Outfitters: Sun Bokeh (Past Collabor88) Other sets Here
Dress ~ AFI Designs: Candy Lips Dress (Free Gift hidden in the Store!)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Under The Sun (Ode to The Sea Hole #1) ~

(As part of my utter *sadness* about The Sea Hole closing, my next few posts will be featuring mostly Sea Hole items!)

~Ode to The Sea Hole ~
I am super sad to see that the Sea Hole is closing at the end of the month - yes THIS month, May, 2013, with all clothes going for a measly 50L, so hurry! I've had a lot of good luck over the years with all of my purchases from the Sea Hole & even a majorly good customer service experience from the owner/designer, Drinkenstein Sorbet herself, a while back. Second Life ate my awesome Animated Wishing Well that I LOVED, (as it does, *grrr*) & it was an older item that she unfortunately wasn't selling any longer, so I wrote a notecard telling her I would be willing to pay any price to get this cute & sentimentally loved item back in my inventory & she was kind & generous enough to just gift me one! I was really impressed. Some of my earliest, fondest, most colorful &  fantastical SL memories are filled with images of "Sparkle Blowey Bushes & Floral Fantasy Lamps," as well as the amazingly savvy vintage & supercute styles that Miss Sorbet seemed to pump out nonstop. I was always a fan. (Not to mention, I still to this day have the Glowing Jade Orb Tree featured smack dab in the center of my parcel.) One of the things I am really going to miss is stopping by Collabor88 & seeing what awesome new things Drinkenstein has whipped up for us, but I hear she has left the place in capable hands & wish her all the best in her Real Life adventures. Thanks for all the creations ~ You are a wonderful designer & you made SL a lot of fun for a lot of people. Happy Trails to you!

What I'm wearing
The Skinnery Anais Bewitched Toffee BB CL1(We Love Roleplay Special Event Skin!)
Eyes: The Sugar Garden Wet Look Honey
L.Fauna Dimples & Freckles
UtopiaH Beauty Marks
RYCA Nose Ring Diamond/Gold
LeLutka: Vibrato Hair Bournville Fade
The Sea Hole 2011 Tattoo Series Lotus Dragon Red
The Sea Hole Shiarra Tank Dragonfruit ONLY 50L!
The Sea Hole La Jolla Panel Jeans Denim/Fawn ONLY 50L!

Necklace & bracelet: LaGyo - Tucano (Currently at The Dressing Room Fusion)

Ring: +MPJ+  Star Power Ring Multi Color Large Marketplace

Nails (No) Nylon Outfitters Sun Bokeh (Currently at Collabor88)
*chronokit* belt 01 black  
ISON Billie Patent Heels Black (Currently at Collabor88 - I got all four colors, they are awesome!)
Shape: Custom Shape by Me, LaDonna Oceanlane
Pose & Background by Abranimations

Pastel Dream ~

Skin: Modish Mya Cioco Group Gift Skin Freebie
Eyes: The Sugar Garden Wet Look Brown
Lashes: Al Vulo Mesh Lashes
Lips: The Sugar Garden Lip Tinte Citrus Sweet T (Dark Tone F)
UtopiaH Beauty Marks
L.Fauna Dimples & Freckles Dark
Hair: Exile Desperately Wanting in Natural Fusion (fun color change streaks HUD included!)
LaGyo Mia ring (Color Change - Past The Dressing Room Fusion)
Blouse: Tee*fy Milena Ruffle Blouse Long Peach (Currently at Collabor88 in many colors)
Bracelet: MG (Mia Gossamer) - Summertime Easy Living (Currently at Collabor88 in many colors!)
Nails: (NO) Nylon Oufitters - Sun Bokeh (Currently at Collabor88!)
ISON Coated Denim Pants in Seafoam (currently at Collabor88 in many colors - I bought the fatpack - these are so flattering & will dress up or down easily. The Oiled denim look is so in right now!)
ISON Billie Patent Heels in Pink (in four colors, currently at Collabor88 - I got all four - these are GREAT. The HUD is so simple & I easily matched all kinds of different skin tones - making these shoes my new faves!)
Shape: custom made by me, LaDonna Oceanlane
Pose in Abranimations Pose Studio.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Get to GATO ~

GATO is celebrating it's 3 year Anniversary. Congrats to Lalu Bonetto! The store is really nice, full of clothes for men & women, plus cosmetics & there are some nice 30L deals as well as some great gifts, like my Calado leggings ~ totally FREE! Also, just look at this wall of other great, colorful Leggings ~ they range from 30 to 80L. This is just one sample of the wonderful things that await you at GATO, so go there now!
What else I'm wearing:
Hair: LoQ BerryJuice Right Side Caramel Marketplace Special Only 75L! (all colors!)
Skin: Sweets Party Kawaii Biscuit
Glasses: (Yummy) Mom Glasses (there is a 2.0 version out now with color change! I have the older version & they are still so cool. You can't really see it in this pic very well, but the sides have the coolest swirls. You gotta check them out.)
Tattoos: (arms) La Malvada Mujer - El Beso, (chest) Fe - Cupid 3,
Bracelets: IMANI - Neon Bracelet Cherry, KOSH Iron Heart & Rust N Skull, MIEL Chum, Twin Dragon Bracelet
Nails: Candy Nail #P078 Midnight Dream Gold (past festival item, Mainstore here)
Tanks: (Under) DCNY Vermillion/Warm Grey (Past Truth District Group Gift) & (Over) COCO Designs Cropped Tank Top (Mesh) Group Gift Freebie!
Necklace: COCO Designs Gold Chain Necklace Group Gift Freebie!
Shorts: COCO Designs Denim Shorts Group Gift Freebie!
Leggings: GATO Calado Leggings Freebie Gift!
Socks: DCNY Sporty Socks Vermillion/Warm Gray (Past Truth District Group Gift)
Boots: COCO Designs Belted Ankle Boots Group Gift Freebie!
Shape: Custom Shape made by me, LaDonna Oceanlane

Saturday, May 25, 2013

On the Beach ~

Skin: The Skinnery Sasha Spring Toffee w/added brow darkener. I am in LOVE with this skin! BEAUTIFUL. Flawless. Love love love. (Past The Dressing Room Fusion. Mainstore Here.) 
L.Fauna Dimples Dark
UtopiaH Beauty Marks (Mainstore Here)
Hair: LaViere Misa Soft Caramel (Currently at Collabor88)
Drift Texas Tea Top White Orient (Past The Dressing Room Fusion. (Mainstore Here.)
Zebra glasses: GATO (Former Cafe Hunt Prize. Mainstore Here ~ Celebrating 3 years now! Please go check out this cool store. I will be posting a new blog from here soon. There's lots of cool, colorful things happening here!

Tokidoki Cocoro Shorts Rainbow. (Past The Dressing Room Fusion. Mainstore Here.)
+MPJ+ Star Power Rings (Color Change. Marketplace.)
Bracelet: Maxi Gossamer, Sugar Candy Orange (Past Collabor88, Mainstore here)
Nails: Nylon Oufitters (Currently at Collabor88)
Necklace:  [glow studio] Cross Collier, gold/pooh bear
Slink Mesh feet & Slink Ilena sandals standard white.
Shape: Custom made by Me, Ladonna Oceanlane.
Location: PhotoStudio by Abranimations, free for one day only! (I lucked out)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jailbait ~

AlVulo! Aisha* peacock  blonde brow cleavage: sunkissed (Currently at The Dressing Room Fusion) 70L!
ROZENA ~ Twinkle Eyes: Silver (April Cosmetic Fair Item) Mainstore has lots of Amazing Eyes, though!
La Malvada Mujer ~  Theater of you: #3 Eyes
Pink Acid ~ My Goth Lip Gloss: Chrome
Hair: Exile ~ Fire to the Rain : Natural Fusion, Streaks Customizable w/HUD (Currently at FaMeshed) 
 +MPJ+ Star Power Ring ~ Silver & Gold & Multi Color (Color Change - so many options)
Necklace ~ Vari by .:EMO-tions:.
Bracelet ~ Waltzing Cat by U&R Dogs (Older Item, couldn't locate, but the store has lots of lovely items)
Nemezi ~ Cross Nails (April Cosmetic Fair Item - Could not locate inworld store)
Slink Vanity Boots Black
VERSHE ~ Hotty Totty Mesh Dress in Jailbait (tyvmVershel) Four styles/color schemes available at Stuff in Stock (Only 65L!) Hurry - These are supercute! Also Check out the NEW Mainstore
Custom Shape by Me, LaDonna Oceanlane
Pose: Included in the phonograpf Record player made by Artilleri
Location: Usagi Cafe

Monday, April 29, 2013

Song of the Moment ~ SHINee: Beautiful

I just can't get this song out of my head.

When You Give Me That Look ~

Cropped Sweater "Blue Sheer" ~ comes in many colors & can be worn with or without Lola's Tango applier, Waist Wrap Jeans "Light Wash", Candy Watch "Cherry", Tier3 Sneaks "Disco": ALL from
VERSHE (Check out the New Store set up at a brand New Location!)

Skin & Mesh Lashes: Al Vulo! Aisha* smoky dark brow sunkissed past Dressing Room Fusion special

Rozena ~Twinkle Eyes~ Mocha: Now at The Cosmetic Fair April 15-30th hurry!

+Half-Deer+ Winter Nights Under Eyeshadow & Warpaint Face Tattoo

{UMEBOSHI} fei tattoo

Hair Magika "Tomorrow"

Nylon Outfitters "Junk Food Nails", LaGyo "Wanda" Necklace & Ring (Color Change) at Collabor88 (set up changes every month on the 8th)

Mesh Breasts are Lola's Tangos

Custom shape by Me, LaDonna Oceanlane

Poses by Pose Sinfully, Marukin & Dieselworks

Saturday, February 16, 2013

There's a song in my heart that's trying to get out~

Skin - ND/MD Eboni Natural
Cleavage - ND/MD Natural
Eyes - ND/MD Mooney
Eyeliner - Visual Edge A01 by ni.ju
Lip Gloss - Pink Acid 10L on Marketplace 
Hair - TRUTH New Years Gift in Chocberry (Subscribo Gift-check history)
Earrings - RYCA Keri Hoops in silver
Tattoo - Music Notes by Half Deer
Nails - Enishi White by Candy Nail (Group Gift)
Ring - Nine Crimes in Silver by Kyoot (50% off Sale)
Necklace - Mudra in Silver by Twishee 1L on Marketplace
Tuxedo Jacket & Sequin Dress - COCO (Group Gift)
Leggings - Hollander Leggings by Kyoot (50% Off Sale)
Shoes - Amen Bootie by Lethal Couture (Group Gift
Custom Shape by Me, LaDonna Oceanlane

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Off with it~

Skin-  Essences in Wednesday Agua Sunset

My UglyDorothy Cleaves tattoo2 in Saddle
Hair- Eaters Coma Light Noir GROUP GIFT
Lip gloss- Lip Laquer in Nude by The Sugar Garden GROUP GIFT
Jacket & Shoes- Rose Blush Shrug & Kate Flats by Elate! (50% off sale)

Necklace & Matching Bracelet- Caprice by Yummy Currently at Collabro88
Bracelet on Right hand: Boho Bracelet by Pichi

Silver Cranium Ring in Orange by SAKIDE
Nails - Opal by Candy Nail
Bustier & Skirt- Pan Bahatt by The Sea Hole in Tamarind currently at Collabor88
Tights- Sn@tch Spring Sock in Orange Swirls
Doll Head- Fashionably Dead Doll Head in Freckles Smile
Custom Shape by Me, LaDonna Oceanlane

Sunday, February 3, 2013

You & Your Sister~

Skin - Ylang Ylang Ivory Black 02 by the Body Co. (50% off Sale currently on!)
Eyes - Cafe Coffe 02 by Mariko (Past Cafe Hunt Prize)
Hair - Coffee by LaViere Hair currently at Collabor88 until the 8th ~ Hurry!
Hair Flower -Juliet Black by Wildo (sorry, shop closed, sadly)
Lip Gloss - Clear by Pink Acid available on Marketplace
Dimples & Freckles - Pale by L. Fauna
Blush - Contour Middle Peach by {.essences.} (Came with a skin pack I previously purchased)
Lips - Berry Lips01 Teeth by My UglyDorothy
Glasses - Fiore Black by AIR (Free on Lucky Boards!)
Top - Ellery in Grey by Kyoot  (Currently holding 50% off Retirement Sale!)
Dress - Babydoll in Black by Tres Blah Currently at Collabor88
Coat - Hobo Fur in Salt n Pepa by Fashionably Dead (past Collabor88, not currently in main store)
Leggings - Snake Metallic in Silver by ISON currently at Collabor88
Necklace -  MG Filagree Oval Combo All in Silver currently at Collabor88
Ring - (R. Hand) - Kristina's Kat Ring - MaryJane by +MPJ+ (Contact Zarra Giha inworld)
Ring - (L. Hand) #086 Gloria Ring in White by Candy Nail
Nails - #P086 Gloria in White by Candy Nail
Legwarmers - Dark Grey by Kyoot (Currently holding 50% off Retirement Sale!)
Shoes - Pretty Lady in Black by Fashionably Dead currently at Collabor88

Skin - India 01 Fair black brows by the Body Co. (50% off Sale currently on!)
Hair - WMO003 in brown by booN 
Hair Flower - Juliet Pink/Brown by Wildo  (sorry, shop closed, sadly)
Glasses - Pearl glasses with lots of color change options. Free Gift by Poetic Colors
Top - Glitter Peplum Blouse in Gold by Fashionably Dead currently at Collabor88
Coat - Hobo Fur Coat in Brown Sugar by Fashionably Dead (past Collabor88, not currently in main store)
Pants - Elaine Floral Pants by Bliss Couture
Earrings & Necklace - Vintage Jewellery Set by League
Ring - (R. Hand) - G Dragon Gold Bunny Ring by +MPJ+ 2013 (Contact Zarra Giha inworld)
Shoes - Pretty Lady Shoes in Gold by Fashionably Dead currently at Collabor88
Pose - Blah
Shape - Custom made by LaDonna Oceanlane
*Listen to "You & Your Sister" by This Mortal Coil*

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day to Night~

Hairband- Shimmer Headband in Silver Sea by The Sea Hole currently at Collabor88
Hair- Natalia in Dark Chocolate by LaViere currently at Collabor88
Skin- Nana in M01 by Mariko
Eyes- Cafe Coffe Eyes 2 (M) by Mariko (Past Cafe Hunt Prize)
Eyeshadow- Under Eyeshadow 11 by Cheap Makeup (Could not currently locate store.)
Dimples & Freckles in Pale by L.Fauna
Lips- Clear Lip Gloss by Pink Acid available on the Marketplace for 10L!
Fur Tippet & Pearls in Pink by COCO (Past Dressing Room Fusion Colors. Other colors available.)
Blouse- Minna in Dusted by The Sea Hole
Vest- Denim Vest by mijn.botique exclusively at The Dressing Room Fusion this January
Shorts- Leather Shorts by mijn.botique past Dressing Room Fusion
Stockings- Luisa in Ocean by Schadenfreude
Shoes- Tunxi Booties in Chestnut by Hucci
Pose- Think by Lamp*Light

Dress- Casati Dress in Ocean by Schadenfreude
Nails- #P086 Gloria White by Candy Nail
Bracelet-  Night Cross by (SV)
Ring- Big Bang Fangirl T.O.P. Swan Ring by +MPJ+ (contact Zarra Giha inworld)
Shoes- Strap Shoes "Alex" in Black by G Field
Pose- NYG Pose 5 by Label Motion

Custom Shape by Me, LaDonna Oceanlane (Jennifer Oleari)