Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Visual Hunt is Almost Over!

It's almost the end of March & that means the Visual Hunt is drawing to a close. If you haven't had a chance to get all the items you wanted, now is the time to do so! I want to say a special Thank You to all of the shops that participated & of course to Actuate Eden & Nihon Ongaku Publishing for sponsoring, organizing & creating great prizes for the hunt & also to Kanzen ni Jrock for sponsoring the hunt. It has been a real pleasure working with everyone!

I would like to say a BIG thanks to all of the hunters as well & ask you all to please feel free to leave me any feedback concerning the hunt. I welcome your questions, comments & suggestions. As as co-organizer I wish to continue to improve future hunting experiences! 

Thank you so much for your support!

Dr. Life Skin
ni.ju Kumi Red makeup
Random Stuff Katy Perry ET Makeup (MP)
Beautifully Grotesque Queen Amidala Makeup (Dollarbie - 1L!) (MP)
Redgrave Lashes
Medley cheek piercing 
ni.ju Langolier piercing
ni.ju Vixx Piercing Special LB Color
MW ilweran Elven / Elf  Chief Spear 
Dura Hair
Kisetsu  Dress (Hunt item 10L, male version included!!)
Baby Princess Arm Bands (Taken from the Hunt Item 10L!)
MichaMi Pia Leggings
P.C; Bird Ring (MP)
AIDORU Necklace (Hunt Item 10L!)
ni.ju Blood Tipped Claws
Riddle Socks
HTxDZ Boots (From upcoming *Fashioncentric Hunt SEE BELOW)
IceMoon Lee Yoyo9 8 ball typing animation (MP)
PDA Poses

BTW ~ I REALLY think you should get the dragon scarf from my friend & NOP owner Taki's shop HTxDZ, not just because we are friends & I think it's extra cute, with the super cool dragon scale texture, (& only 10L!) but because it totally matches the cool ankle boots he made for the upcoming *Fashioncentic Hunt that starts April 1st! He was nice enough to give me the special "Sneak Peek" pair that you see in my picture & I really like them a lot! Wait till you see them yourself! You will be bummed you didn't get the matching scarf if you don't go get it now! (You really have to see the texture in person, it's got so much depth & translucence. It's really pretty.)

(This is Taki's vendor pic so you can get another view of the scarf, but trust me, you HAVE to see it in person!)


PS ~ I also thought this jewelry set from EBDesigns was really cute & the creator made it TRANSFER so I bought like, SIX so I could give some as gifts. The detail is really nice & it's a very charming little set! (This is the vendor picture - I did NOT take this. I wanted to get a photo because I actually wore this quite a bit inworld, but I just never got a chance.) Anyway - Go grab this now, it's only 10L & you get both items! It's a really good deal & it's looks even cuter in person!

Finally ~ If you missed my other blog posts about the Visual Hunt, check them out here & here. Also check out the official hunt blog here for more pictures of the other great hunt items! Remember the hunt ends at the end of the month so time is short, but all of the SLurls are on the blog, you don't have to go in any order & the prizes are pretty easy to find. Thanks again & Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

R.I.P. Sophie

 (This picture is from about 2005 or so? It's always been one of my favorites of her.)
Well, my dear, sweet Sophie was put down today while I was out of town at a Doctors appointment. Her health has been failing for a while, (she had what we thought was a stroke about 7 months ago, has been having "accidents" in her sleep, limping, didn't seem to hear us when we spoke to her, anymore, etc.) & My Mom had taken her to the vet today to find that she was riddled with cancer so bad that parts of her bones were gone.

She was the sweetest, most loving, gentle dog I ever knew. I just saw her the day before yesterday & she was limping but she was wagging her tail & happy to see everyone as always. She must have been in great pain for a long time, but she always was very sweet & gentle. We think she was about 18 or 19 years old, (we can't be sure because they didn't really know her exact age when we adopted her in Vegas in the mid-90's.)

I have so many great memories with her - She was part of my family for the last 17 or so years! She was a pit-bull & beagle mix, really smart, very cuddly & we never had ANY problems with her. She could be trusted with babies, children, old people, other dogs, CATS - (Toulouse, our cat, was actually in LOVE with her,) even little Ricky, the new puppy, who bites with razor sharp teeth was constantly harassing her & she didn't snap at him.

She was a great companion, a wonderful friend, super cute & loving, very fun, smart, (all I had to do was point & speak to her in normal tones & she would understand me because I trained her that way,) she had a sense of humor & she would always come put her head on my knee when I was upset or crying. She would look at me with her sweet face & it was pretty hard to be sad after that. Dogs are so wonderful but unfortunately their lifespans are just a fraction of ours. I am totally heartbroken that she is gone.

 <3 R.I.P. Sophie <3

(This is one of the last pictures I took of her, on March 21st. You can see she was really old & thin.) 

(This one is from around 2005 I think & also features her "sister" Sheila, who unfortunately had to be put down in 2010. I always loved this picture because it looks like they are both smiling so big! )

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Visual Hunt Still On!

I have been meaning to make a Second Life post for quite some time but I have been having major internet issues, plus, I'm still sharing the "good" computer with my boyfriend until we can get some new parts for his comp. Needless to say it's been a lot easier & less frustrating to just type up some thoughts about Music or World Events on my laggy laptop than try to create a cool look in SL & keep getting booted. I really did want to make sure everyone picked up the items they wanted from the Visual Hunt before it ends, though! If I can manage to stay online long enough I will try to put together at least a few more looks over the next couple of days. (I am also calling AT&T tomorrow. I thought maybe it was the weather, because we have been having some storms but this is getting a little ridiculous!)

ANYWAY - just to remind you, the Visual Hunt is brought to you by Actuate Eden, Nihon Ongaku Publishing & Kanzen ni Jrock. The theme this time is Year of the Dragon, each item is 10L & you can see pictures of most of the items on the official Visual Hunt blog.  You don't have to go in any particular order, all the SLurls are on the blog & it's really pretty easy, so you won't be tearing your hair out trying to find the items. You have until the end of the month to grab what you like so please check out my pics here & my previous post, along with the official blog & support the creators & their shops. Also, please look forward to our next upcoming Hunt - the theme is VERY original & I can't wait to tell you all about it! Thank you for your support & Happy Hunting!

Dr. Life Skin

ni.ju Visual Edge Makeup A01 Full
ni.ju Hime-yu Blush
ni.ju Celtizine Piercing
Glamorize Baby Kisses Lips

La Malvada Mujer Cubico Tattoo (an oldie but a goodie)
HTxDZ Demon Claws Dark Mother of Pearl Lala
Wasabi Pills Ginger Mesh Hair - Ash
Kisetsu Omamori Necklace - Kaiun (Twisted Gacha)

Actuate Eden Chained Malignant Wings (Visual Hunt Item, Includes 3 Colors, 10L)
Actuate Eden Mephisto Horns
Gomun Horangi Visual Dynasty Female Outfit (Visual Hunt Item, 10L) (I used the Boots, Corset, Shoulder Armor, Neck, Stockings, Panties & Arm Bracers.)
[AdN] Unamed Arm Warmer (I only used the hand section)
LOULOU&CO Garter Embla
*BREACH* 92F Guns w/gold Upgrade

Saturday, March 17, 2012

What the HECK?

Ok, so like almost EVERYONE else who uses the internet, I watched the KONY 2012 video & I was really moved. SO moved, in fact, that I made a blog post. I did get a little squirrely when the "swag" presented itself for purchase & I did have my doubts that it was important for me to buy a bracelet or post a sign in my yard, but as I stated in my blog & in my facebook post, if you have an issue you think needs attention, you can tell your friends and by all means, call & write your Congressmen, Senators, Representatives, etc. It's your right & if you believe in that sort of thing, your "Moral Duty."

Suddenly there was a BACKLASH. Who is this "Ken Doll" looking mofo using an emotionally manipulative video on youtube, the playground of easily swayed adolescents or bored people who haven't slept all night? Who is this Pied Piper getting all of these people to blindly post/tweet/blog about this Kony person & the LRA? Hasn't the LRA already LEFT Uganda? Well, sure, but they have gone to neighboring States & have not stopped their horrible practices. (The logic that the KONY Campaign was "worthless" because the LRA Army is no longer is Uganda is FLAWED.) Think about it this way. Say your neighbor is a murderer. He kills, kidnaps & rapes 50 people in your town. He also forces others, children, to do the same things with him. Everyone is traumatized. People want to do something about it, but he moves & resumes his "business" in another town. Some people STILL want to stop him & bring him to justice so they make a documentary to spread the word about what a horrible person he is & how he should be stopped. But people who watch the documentary say, well, he isn't in that original town anymore, so your outrage is unfounded. REALLY? Doesn't make much sense, does it? Some thoughtful responses to the backlash were presented on the KONY website, as well as proof of how their money is spent. Seemed like things we going ok for a second.

But now we have this latest, terrible development. Apparently, the founder of this KONY 2012 Campaign, Filmmaker Jason Russell, has suffered some kind of massive public breakdown. One report from NBC San Diego claims he was "found masturbating in public, vandalizing cars and possibly under the influence of something,"

The official word from Invisible Children's CEO Ben Keesey in a statement released Friday at 1:40 p.m. was:
“Jason Russell was unfortunately hospitalized yesterday suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and malnutrition. He is now receiving medical care and is focused on getting better. The past two weeks have taken a severe emotional toll on all of us, Jason especially, and that toll manifested itself in an unfortunate incident yesterday..."

WOW. What? My first thought was, apparently he's freaking out big time, for some reason. Either it's the stress of this upcoming "event" in April where cities are supposed to be covered overnight in Kony posters, or the stress of the recent backlash, or maybe he IS a fraud & is scared of being uncovered? (I kind of doubt that, I don't know, I just have a hard time believing that. I could be wrong, though.) But if it is just stress, seriously, why isn't this man taking better care of himself? How do you get to THAT point without your friends, family or co-workers going, Hey, man, SLOW DOWN. Have a sandwich, have some juice, go take a nap. I would be interested to know if perhaps he was using some sort of Doctor prescribed medications to be able to relax or sleep, like Ativan or Ambien, which can have MASSIVE side-effects & cause people to act insanely. I don't know any facts here, I am just throwing out ideas & asking questions I would like to know answers to.

I have already noticed on message boards & even on facebook that people are delighting in this. It's like people can't get enough of seeing people fail. Naysayers of the KONY Campaign will use this as proof that the whole thing was a scam from the get-go. Hey, it may or may not be, I don't know yet. I will admit it gets harder to take it seriously when the "clean cut figurehead" of the campaign is acting insane. I will say I am very disappointed that this happened because it obviously reflects badly on his entire cause. All that is known for sure, is that once again it's shown that there are no perfect people in this world. There never can be - it's impossible. Yes, it's embarrassing to know he had a freak-out & is not the person he may have appeared to be, but people are fallible & stress/stuff happens for whatever reason. I am not trying to DEFEND him, I just don't want an important message to get lost because of one man's personal meltdown - or for people to get the feeling they can never trust anyone who comes to them for help ever again. I watched the KONY video & I was in absolute tears because I hate to see people suffer, anywhere in the world. Some people I know & have grown up with all my life have said things on facebook, like, "I don't care about anyone anywhere else in the world." I had people come at me with this same attitude when I was upset about the Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami. This callous attitude shocks & repulses me. I cannot even imagine being able to view an atrocity & say, "I don't care."

So, finally I will say, this is just a giant mess but I do think it's good to learn more facts before making any final judgements. I am interested to see how this plays out. This doesn't stop me from still wanting to help people who need it or doing what I feel is right in my heart, whatever the situation may be.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Started-It's: The Shocker!

Please take a look at the video that my longtime friend & music promoter, Alex Ilich, (or "Sasha" as I've always known him,) conceived, scripted, produced, etc. for the San Francisco band, The Started It's. The song is called "The Shocker," so it's pretty safe to assume there's some "adult humor" going on here! The video is fun & silly, shot & edited by a newer acquaintance of mine, Christopher Sorrenti, & the song is upbeat, kind of "pop-punk." I think everyone did a really good job! Please support them all by clicking "like," subscribing, & leaving a youtube comment! You can also "Like" them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, check out their Official Site, buy their music on itunes & amazon & be sure to catch them live when they come to a venue near you! Thanks for your support!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

KONY 2012

Please take time to watch this well made & extremely moving short film about a very important issue. I was in tears throughout, but it is not something from which to turn away. As a disabled person living in the USA, I sometimes forget how lucky I am. Even though I have suffered through some truly terrible events in my life, my trials seem insignificant compared to the suffering of others & this just reminded me of how lucky I am. I know I have a moral duty to help people less fortunate than me. My conscience tells me so. I really don't know about buying all the "stuff" they have for sale here, but writing or calling your Government reps can't hurt. We all do what we feel is right in our hearts. We all do what we can. Thank you.
KONY 2012.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Visual Hunt is ON!

Yes, that's right, Nihon Ongaku Publishing's "Visual Hunt" started on March First! Owner & Hunt organizer Taki Kujisawa worked very hard & I was happy to help out. (I am now even an "official" co-organizer for NOP! Thanks, Taki, I look forward to working with you on more hunts & events!) The creators made some very cool items & we even had some last minute additions from creators eager to add their items to the hunt! I will be taking pictures over the next few days to show you some of these items so you can see what is available, (this is just the start.) Each prize is only 10L & all the SLurls, Hints & vendor pictures are always available on the official Visual Hunt Blog.
Happy Hunting!


Hunt Items:
*Tori-Tastic* Down the rabbit hole Skybox
.[8BM].[Tea Table For Two Set].
!1mm*** TSIBAKI dress
ni.Ju Rejected eye makeup tattoo

Non Hunt Items:
Dr Life Skin
ni.Ju Celtizine Piercing (was at Perfect Wardrobe)
Air Splendor Eye Watch at Bloody Valentine Market
Babel Hair (Marketplace)
Riddle frilly ankle socks
Geta by Gee Nakamura
HTxDZ Wing Piercings, Special "Lala" Version made by Taki Kujisawa for Me! (not out yet, but the other colors are!)