Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nico's Kitten Suckling Behavior

I can has cotton?
So, Nico, (the kitten I found starving & flea-ridden on the street on 4th of July,) sucks on my shirt around the collar, like, every night. As in sucking the cotton, kneading & purring, as if he is feeding on it. I read some articles & I guess this is pretty common in kittens who are taken from their mothers too early. I have had a few cats in my life & I have never experienced this before. I thought it was really cute at first & it actually made me feel really happy & "needed." (Childless, crazy cat lady here.) But, apparently I do have to keep an eye on this.

According to the majority of the many articles I read, unless he starts becoming obsessive about it, or actually eating/digesting the fabric or gnawing on himself, he is simply exhibiting a soothing behavior because he was abandoned so early & he should grow out of it & will probably be ok.

Here are a couple of short articles:
By the way, At our latest Vet visit to get his shots we learned he already gained a pound! He's really doing great; potty trained, well-adjusted, relaxed, happy, playful...really fitting in. Now, if only our other cat, Butters, would be more welcoming to him. She's very uncomfortable with the whole situation. Quite growly & hissy, in fact. She's even swatted at Ted & me. I really feel bad for her. This must be very confusing for her. I just want the whole family to get along! Time to read more articles...

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