Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Thing with Two Heads

Hey everyone - please take a moment to read this hilarious interview with my old pal & awesome deejay/music mogul, "Bazooka Joe" Almeida from the folks at SYFFAL
"Bazooka Joe" & I met in Las Vegas way back in the '90's when I had a radio show right after his on KUNV, (the number one college radio station in the country at the time!) It was a pretty crazy, exciting time for sure. We became friends, listened to a lot of music, went to shows & he even ended up working at the cd store I managed for a time. He's a great guy & now works with his lovely wife, Christine, under the moniker "The Thing with Two Heads," deejaying & managing Slovenly Recordings & Black Gladiator out of Pennsylvania.

Here's another interview, featuring both of them, from Fly Magazine

Photo: Fly Photo by Bianca Cordova

 Please give them your support. These people are legit - the real deal. Total bad ass music FIENDS.

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