Saturday, April 14, 2012

Star Trek Pizza Night

So, I had an idea to make this "funny" picture for a long, long time & I finally just went ahead & did it. I'm a HUGE Star Trek fan - my favorite is the Original Series, although I enjoy all of the Series' - (I will watch a lot of The Next Generation & Enterprise when I am bored & I really enjoy those a lot.)

I grew up watching the syndicated reruns of the Original Series as a child. I remember thinking how cool the crew was & admiring how they bravely faced so much danger together, trusting each other & working together no matter what. I loved the humor, their playful banter & their accepting, very diplomatic attitude, (they were always helping strange aliens without judgement or easily forgiving someone who tried to kill them!) The sci-fi aspect, the color schemes & the whole "look" of the show was also very exciting & stimulating to my young brain. Spock was even my first crush, I thought he was so "cool" & handsome, so I will have to try to make a "funny" with him in it one of these days.

There are a lot of VERY funny Star Trek pictures floating around the internet that people have put hilarious text onto, (trust me, my Facebook galleries are FULL of outstanding ones that I have found & saved.) When I saw this picture, these words just instantly popped into my head. Hopefully someone else will think it's funny, too. Thanks for listening &... Live Long & Prosper!


  1. Way funny! I'm a huge TNG fan. Have you seen the documentary Shatner made called "The Captains"? It's available on Netflix streaming and it's really good, especially if you're a fan of multiple franchises.

  2. I DID see that & quite enjoyed it, too! I thought it was a really wonderful idea for a documentary, intimate & well done.