Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mr. Poet

Everything my friend is wearing here was free. The only thing that was purchased was the amazing skybox & that was only 88L at Collabor88 so you better go get it now. I realize you can't really see it in all it's glory but let me tell you, I have been loving it since I got it last week or so. It's mesh, so time to upgrade. Oh, & there's a demo in case you're not convinced. Anyway, Mr. Poet is this great men's shop that features really wonderful clothing that reminds you that, yes, there are some great places for men in Second Life. Not only that but with some great gifts & lucky boards it also reminds you that there are some really nice FREE things for men in SL, which can sometimes be rare. This Lucky Board skin came with the shape &  it's very "European Male Model", as in quite tall, thin, strong nose with quite a bump which took me a second to get used to because it's kind of severe, but yet still sexy. (Shape is no mod.) The detail in the skin is nice, especially the little imperfections & freckles in the face. I love that kind of stuff. The tips of the fingers are a bit oddly discolored but I can live with it. We decided to leave him bald because the scalp detail was so nice. (I made my boyfriend go wait at the lucky boards for this skin & shape as well because I was liking it so much, but we ended up putting a cute Boon blonde fauxhawk on him with a different shape & it looked so hot & very different, maybe I will take some pics of his avie later.) Anyway, I'm really loving this skin. The mesh sweater is also free & comes in three colors, black, grey & navy blue. The cut is great. It reminds me of the type of sweaters Duran Duran used to wear back in the day & yes, I just totally dated myself. The color change scarf is also free& is totally unisex. The Shirt was an older group gift from Scars. Pants are from Willow & bracelet from Concrete Flowers (both were from a past Season's Hunt we did  - I think last Summer.)

Downtown Cathedral Catwalk by Tromp Loeil at Collabor88
Sweater, Color Change Scarf, Shape & Skin - all FREE at  Mr. Poet
Shirt Group Gift Free Scars
Pants Past Hunt Seasons Gift Willow
Beach Bracelet Past Seasons Hunt Gift Concrete Flowers
Eyes & Pose from amato OL

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