Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve Party Dress

Happy New Year Everyone! See you in the future <3

Fashionably Dead Skin at Collabor88
LpD Black Strong Kajal eyeliner
Boon hairbase in chestnut
L.Fauna dimples & freckles
Bliss Couture Diamond is Mine Hunt Hair
Elemiah Dress With Love Again Hunt 10L
TokiDoki un tights in rose (Gacha) 16L
House of Fox Arch Boots, Modern Couture Hat
Malt Chunky Necklace (Old Hunt item)
Olive Juice Ball Pit Pose Props

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mr. Poet

Everything my friend is wearing here was free. The only thing that was purchased was the amazing skybox & that was only 88L at Collabor88 so you better go get it now. I realize you can't really see it in all it's glory but let me tell you, I have been loving it since I got it last week or so. It's mesh, so time to upgrade. Oh, & there's a demo in case you're not convinced. Anyway, Mr. Poet is this great men's shop that features really wonderful clothing that reminds you that, yes, there are some great places for men in Second Life. Not only that but with some great gifts & lucky boards it also reminds you that there are some really nice FREE things for men in SL, which can sometimes be rare. This Lucky Board skin came with the shape &  it's very "European Male Model", as in quite tall, thin, strong nose with quite a bump which took me a second to get used to because it's kind of severe, but yet still sexy. (Shape is no mod.) The detail in the skin is nice, especially the little imperfections & freckles in the face. I love that kind of stuff. The tips of the fingers are a bit oddly discolored but I can live with it. We decided to leave him bald because the scalp detail was so nice. (I made my boyfriend go wait at the lucky boards for this skin & shape as well because I was liking it so much, but we ended up putting a cute Boon blonde fauxhawk on him with a different shape & it looked so hot & very different, maybe I will take some pics of his avie later.) Anyway, I'm really loving this skin. The mesh sweater is also free & comes in three colors, black, grey & navy blue. The cut is great. It reminds me of the type of sweaters Duran Duran used to wear back in the day & yes, I just totally dated myself. The color change scarf is also free& is totally unisex. The Shirt was an older group gift from Scars. Pants are from Willow & bracelet from Concrete Flowers (both were from a past Season's Hunt we did  - I think last Summer.)

Downtown Cathedral Catwalk by Tromp Loeil at Collabor88
Sweater, Color Change Scarf, Shape & Skin - all FREE at  Mr. Poet
Shirt Group Gift Free Scars
Pants Past Hunt Seasons Gift Willow
Beach Bracelet Past Seasons Hunt Gift Concrete Flowers
Eyes & Pose from amato OL

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

She Ran Away With The Circus ~

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Fashionable Dead Skin purchased at Collabor88 (I think it's still there.)
Les Petites Details Black Strong Kajal Eyeliner
Hat/Hair "Cirque" from a store called Hairy Situations (Very Old, Closed, Creator sadly gone)
Clawtooth Fancy Pants Hair Flower Texture Change - I love this!
ni.ju claws
Acid & Mala My Fav Bracelet (part of)
Jack Spoon Blouse (These are two of my favorite colors together, ever. I am still very excited about my Jack Spoon purchases & have two more posts lined up, so stay tuned! Also, please check out the designers personal blog, she has insanely good taste & style, not only with her own creations, but just in general.
Sn@tch Languid Gothic Ribbon Choker
LeeZu Sequin Shorts
Sn@tch - The Hunger "Gimme Siren" Garter Fishnets (came with the outfit "Gimme Siren" but I always end up using just this part with many of my creations - very useful!)
TokiDoki "untights" Gacha 16L (I bought a bunch of these - come in cute colors with nice ribbed texture.)
!tarnished Bon Bon socks (very old)
Ladies who Lunch Boots for the With Love Again Hunt 10L (I love these - they come with a super easy Hud for resize, sole color change, stud color change & stud on/off - very cool! I would get them in every color if the non-hunt ones weren't so pricey, But then again, one of these days I suppose I will have to get off my duff & learn to make these things for myself or quit complaining!)
*.amato.* pose 
Redgrave Twiggy Eyelashes
Eyes made by Me

Free as a Bird

I have been pretty busy in real life with the holidays coming up, trying to to get my house in order from the recent move, some serious health issues & also some pretty horrible personal drama with some lifelong friends that made me realize a lot of those friendships actually ended a long, long time ago. Now that I have kicked & screamed & cried long enough, I think I am starting to realize I really must try to move on & forever let go of my resentments toward these people & just never speak to them again. I just can't try to "resolve" anything with them, there's just too much anger there on my part, as hard & embarrassing as that is to admit. It really hurt but I am starting to feel a little more free, knowing that I can never "fix" it, because it's unfixable. On a lighter note, I have been doing a LOT of shopping, dressing-up & decorating in Second Life. It seems like the designers are just bursting with creativity & it has certainly sparked mine! I have been putting together outfits & saving them faster than I can take the pictures & make posts. Here's a look I put together probably a month ago. I built it around these great stockings I found on marketplace. I think they are really unique & beautiful. I am always looking for pretty garter stockings & what really drew me in was the neat bird & branch detail on the leg as well as the blue gradient. They come with four pairs, in different options for 85L, alpha layer included. I would also like to note that the wonderfully decorative frame I used for my pose prop is actually the "box" for a past hunt gift from the shop Natural . The designer always has unique delivery methods for her items & this is no exception. Please leave a comment & Thank You for stopping by.

Skin Glam Affair With Love Again Hunt 10L (So Pretty!)
Hair (still nothing inworld or on MP but I did find some pics on flickr) 3636 was free
Bodysuit (older)  Ohmai
Additional shoulder feathers by Kletva (had purchased at Dressing Room)
Stockings -CG- Raven Moon Stockings 85L
Boots Violent Seduction Group Gift
Picture Frame that housed the Black Butler Hunt Prize Clothing made by Natural

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In My Room

Fashionably Dead Skins in bird dust 6 freckles 500L
[e} elikatira soft got at Collabor88 for 88 now back to regular price
Fishy starwberry Fur neck Cardi the dressing Room 69L

Ison high waisted cigarette trousers
December Glassses Group Lucky Board
House of Fox Forever Young Ring was on sale for 50L now 100
:NuDoLu: Ikebana Lumineuse 2,  NuDoLu: Deco lumineuse, NuDoOlu Lumiere des cartes anciennes:
Art Dummy Old Window
shop seu 1 prim form (recolored from original Black) 80L
what next paper doll mannequin store gift 0L
[croire] paisley doodle decal 50L

Friday, December 9, 2011

Foxy Ladies

I was shopping in the wonderful Collabor88 & enjoying it as I usually do, when some spastic gal dressed as a deer ran up to me and yelled "Murderer!" in my face. I had just purchased & was wearing my lovely, (& obviously FAUX) Fox Fur Wrap from Ohmai. After I regained my composure, I took a moment to drop a notecard to the creator, Anya Ohmai, of who I am a longtime fan & she kindly took the time to get back to me, which was nice. What was not nice & actually very shocking was the fact that she told me people have been harassing her as well over this faux fur PIXEL creation. Honestly, I just can't believe it. When I saw it, I instantly loved it's retro look & figured it was a nod to the recent Vintage Fair & also very appropriate considering the Winter weather. Let me clear something up just in case some people are confused. This is Second Life: A computer simulation. No actual animals were hurt! I wonder if the girl dressed as a deer calls herself a "murderer" in "real life" every time she eats a hamburger or walks a step in her leather shoes, or even eats a slice of cheese. That's as far as I will go with that, but I will say,  No, I wouldn't wear a fox in "real life" but there's a huge list of things I am able to do in SL that I cannot do in RL like: have hooves & horns or wings, be a dragon or a bird or a guy,  have different colored hair, be any size or shape I want, hell, I can wear a dog skull on my chest & have a tentacles for legs if I want - whatever, I'm not hurting anyone or anything! That gal probably thought she was being very "PC" & awesome, but she was actually being a first class twit. Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood pixel murderer. Now, please enjoy the pictures I took. Thank You.

All skins: Fashionably Dead Skins 88L
All Faux Foxes: Ohmai Faux Fox Fur 88L multi colors
Hair (top two~ Clawtooth Hair 88L  color pack, bottom two D!va Free Group Gift Hair.)

More Details:
1. {U.F.O.} Dress 88L

2. D!va old Group Gift Hat, Tres Blah Dress 88L, Annoying Japanese Children Group Free Necklace (look up group inworld, free join) Dilly Dolls Mesh Boots (Group Gift)

3. Tres Blah Dress (past collabor88) Glasses 88L, Lassitude & Ennui Shoes (past hunt gift)

4. Lo momo dress (October Free Group Gift still available Free to join! ~Comes with choker, hat & hair not pictured)

All pictures taken in my L2 Studio Hot House July House (Past Seasons Hunt Gift I absolutely LOVE)
Decorated for Xmas with the following items:
Couch, Giant Ornaments, Tree, Gifts, Cards, Mistletoe, Chalkboard Paintings, Fireplace Set, Card Garland, Twinkle Lights ALL from - LISP
Art Dummy Bottle Lights
What Next Starry Lanterns
Awesome Blossom Oar, Kessi Andretti Love letters added
Concrete Flowers Rug
Table, Shelves, Floor Pillows Kessi Andretti (Makes Great Houses & stuff! Look it up!)

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Lonely White Queen

The White Queen is lonely because she got all dressed up, decorated her pavilion, set out scented candles & twinkle lights, arranged many lovely & gifts & refreshments & none of her so-called friends arrived. She is so sad that all she can do now is drink too much brandy & eggnog & lay down by the fire, dreaming of days gone by, when her old friends surrounded her & there was dancing & singing & laughter filled the air. They were there before, weren't they? All her old friends? Surely she hadn't imagined them all this time...

Jennifer Shape [glow}Studio (was at Dressing Room)
Glam Affair Gio Skin Black Snow 70L Dressing Room
Snow Full Body Tat by Gloom Stoanes (got on MP last year, could not locate it again within their items) 
Gigi hair by 3636 (Store is gone & MP page is blank?)
Eyes by LaDonna Oceanlane (Jennifer Oleari)
Twiggy eyelashes from Redgrave
Bare Rose White Queen Dress 160L
[glow] necklace Amelie Pearl 45L Dressing room
ni.ju Black Tipped Claws claws
Split Pea headdress 100L
LISP (Huge Sale: large ornaments, presents, candles, mistletoe, card garland, twinkle lights etc.10-100L)
A:S:S Free Winter Pavilion
White Christmas Trees
Traditional Xmas Lights
HPMD Sweet Garden Grass