Monday, November 14, 2011

Fairly Vintage

So, my new Second Life friend TokiSan has the most amazing taste & took me to a store at the Vintage Fair called Haut.Monde to get these awesome shoes. The lag was incredible & I'm not one to usually suffer from lag. It was so bad I was only able to cam around to a few surrounding stores. I really don't understand the lag problem because all three times I tried to go, there weren't that many people there, but I guess it has a lot to do with vendor scripts & builds, etc. I really don't know anything about that stuff, all I know is I wanted to see more of what the Fair had to offer & I couldn't. I will keep trying, because although I think what I saw/purchased was a little overpriced, (the shoes alone were over 300L,) it's a fun concept/great theme & I like to support creative designers. Puff Sleeve Bodysuit, Overknee Leggings & Franci Wedges from Haut.Monde. I added an extra old leg warmer on one side for additional asymmetry, a great 10L belt from Cobrahive & flower shoulder piece from an old Ohmai bodysuit. The beautiful skin is from Glam Affair (I LOVE their skins!) & available at the 70L discounted price at The Dressing Room right now, (I added freckles & dimples as always,) the hair is from elikatira, Olive Juice pose. PS - I stumbled upon even more photoshop tricks today. This is becoming more fun & expressive & I can't wait to learn a lot more! I know it's a little goofy but that's me, & I am still learning, so what can you do. Enjoy ~

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