Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hello Halloween!

Oh, Halloween ~ I am excited it's almost here, but my excitement is mingled with sadness knowing that it will soon be over. Take a gander at a little look I put together using the Esuga/Sugar Garden Male Ball Jointed Doll FTLO Hunt Prize, (here's a hint on where to find the little bat: "Look to the far East!",) a cool prize that Fatal Error Gave away during the last Twisted Hunt called Inkubus, (LOVE those birdy feet!) and the latest hunt prize from Actuate Eden, (back spines, arm armor, feathered skirt, shoulder and jacket and pants! Look for a red prim cross and buy for 1L.) Also, remember to check out the other sales going on there as well ~ lots of cool/spooky/gothy/glammy makeup, horns, clothing and other finery! (Homepage here.)

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