Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sparkle On...

I had been wanting this Nymph skin/ears/hooves set from Violent Seduction for a very long time so I finally remembered to buy it. My friend Kiba Tachikawa, the very creative owner of Actuate Eden has decorated his personal skybox so beautifully so I took some photos the other day when I was over to pet his Meeroos. I love the dreamy, sparkly feel of the place and I love the way these pictures came out!


Skin, Ears, Hooves, Dress: Violent Seduction
Corset: *elymode*
Eyes: Fantajecca (Almost four years old. Can't find a store, Creator gone as well.)
Hair (Heavily Modded): LOGO & Kin
Two of the Makeup Layers from Elegant Epiffany: Available on Marketplace only
Teal & Pink Stars, Swirls & Blush made by LaDonna!

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