Saturday, September 24, 2011

Colorful Cravings

As Fall begins to chase away some of the blistering heat I have lived with all Summer, I find myself becoming more relaxed yet simultaneously stimulated. The oppression of Summer is finally lifting and I am again feeling creative and colorful in so many ways. Earlier I was browsing the "How Do I Look" blog (here) and the author had featured the most beautiful eggplant-colored skin I had ever seen, from a store called The Sugar Garden. I had never been there before so I immediately teleported myself and some friends in for a major camping session in front of the Lucky Boards. It took me hours to get the same skin, but I finally did. (I will have pictures of that skin soon but I want to get a whole look together first.) I did arrange *this* colorful look using another one of the very lovely Lucky Board skins. (Freckles added.) ~Enjoy!


Skin, Shape and Hair Bow (Group Lucky Boards - Free to join) from The Sugar Garden
Dimples & Freckles from L.Fauna
Eyes (Free) from *.amato.*
Rainbow Eyeshadow (Free Gift) from Chelle
Hair (Group Gift - Free to join) from BC322
Dress (Recent Midnight Mania) from Pinkmare's House 
Jewelry and one of the pair of stockings (they have lucky boards with Full Outfits) from AdN Designs
Boots 1L from Katat0nik